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Single Farm

One-time type of DeFi Vault - One Trade at a time

📚 How it works

📚 How it works

Farm Manager

To crowdfund your trading ideas, earn more with every trade!


To earn passively without spending too much time and effort!

Farm ManagerInvestor



Only take you 2 mins to fill in all the needed information about your trading idea



Everyone can now see your Farm details, with your profile and past performance



Use the fund you have crowdfunded to open an order through deFarm partner DEX



Close your order, realize your benefit, and earn even more with management fee!

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What is Single Farm?

Single Farm is a one-time DeFi Vault managed by a pro-trader that focuses on single, robust, and short-term trade executed on deFarm's partner DEXs

What can I benefit from Single Farm

To pro-traders, Single Farm can crowdfund their trading idea, gaining more benefits than trading alone. Furthermore, they can build their reputation by consistently generating good returns for investors To investors, Single Farm can help them have better trades with their original idea, by joining pro traders trades

How can I join a Farm?

To join a Farm, you just need to connect your wallet, browse to find your suitable Farm, and deposit your desired fund. When the Farm Manager close the trade, you can instantly claim back your fund and the profit!

How can I become a Farm Manager?

Anyone can become a Farm Manager. You just need to log in with your wallet, and create a Farm to crowdfund your trading idea Learn how to create a Farm: Blog

When will a Farm close?

After a Farm finish fundraising, it's up to the Farm Manager to direct the trade The Farm will close and realize the benefit if the Farm Manager decides to close the position, or the stoploss has been hit. Investors then can go to the Farm to claim their assets

Can I try Single Farm first before actually using it?

Single Farm now has Testnet available on Optimism Goerli. You can try all features of Single Farm first to get familiar with the process. To access Single Farm Testnet, go to: https://testnet.de.farm Learn how to use Single Farm: Blog

What fees will be incurred in the process of using deFarm?

In the investing process, there are some fees that users might have to pay. Learn more about the details of deFarm fee here: Docs

I'm a KOL, is there any program to incentives us introducing deFarm to our users?

deFarm has a Referral Program running continuously to incentive anyone who helps the growth of deFarm. We also have exclusive programs for KOLs and Community Leaders. Please contact us through Twitter for details.

What token pair can be traded?

The available pairs will be depended on deFarm's Partner DEXs. If the pair is available on partners' platforms, it will be available on deFarm Learn more about deFarm's partners here: trang partners

Which party has control over my asset?

No. deFarm's Farm is non-custodial. This means your fund will stay on the smart contract, and will be able for you to claim back after the Farm closed.


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